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The first entry in a journal created a while ago,  but never touched. I try not to do that, start things and not finish them that is. But somehow, in the confusion of my year, this, along with some other things, just got left behind. I guess just as things are wrapping up with my year, I tend to be a bit more focused on getting things don, that need to be done, before I go home.

To the reader, if there is any at all, it should be said that I am currently an exchange student in Germany, whose year is coming to an end. Granted, I have another three weeks of this amazingness, but it is still not much, if one really thinks about it, that isn't anything at all. That is basically a vacation. It seems like yesterday that I sad goodbye to everyone, but it also feels like so long ago.

In any case, I'm trying to move on, or at least, slowly move on, but at the moment it's rather hard, considering I'm stuck at home. I hate being sick! But I've been sick since Wednesday. I woke up on Wednesday with a sore throat and a headache that could kill an ox. I hate missing school. I hate missing work. I hate missing amazing soccer games between Germany and Portugal because I am sick. Although Louisa came over, cooked, and watched the game with me because she is amazing. And GERMANY WON! Which I am very excited about. Now we play Turkey in the semis, and i hope that Germany will win. We'll see though...

In any case, otherwise I'm just hanging out this weekend having a good time. I don't have much time left to have a good time, so I excited to just chill out, relax, and enjoy the last parts of my very extended vacation. Over and out.


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