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i could be risking it all...
The mindset of the kids in my class today was "Let us all talk about Alice leaving, and how we do not want her to go" I feel like I have been asked about thirty times today "So freust du dich schon auf zuhaus?" Which is basically "are you happy about going home." And actually, I have no idea. It's a feeling that I couldn't describe, I think, even with the most expansive vocabulary in the world. Egal if it's in English or German. I don't think I could really ever describe how I'm feeling. Although I hope to not be this vague. I'm just very scared of going home, but I also know I cannot stay here. It's a strange feeling, to feel at home and knowing you have to go actually back to your home. It's not working for me.

Otherwise the day was sunny and I don't have any reason to complain, except for the rising prices of tomatoes in Germany! But it was still good. I had Badminton with Katha and Laura, which meant basically no badminton and more talking, playing against Herr Olinsky, as he kept telling us how good we were. He's  a nice guy, but at times just too nice, I'm not interested into the whole Germanpedophilemangymteacher. Ahh well so ist das.

The Americans are visiting my school now, which is pretty exciting. They're all very sweet, and it's fun to hear some English. But somehow, I've forgotten how it really is to talk with them. Although I still talk to Alex, it's not the same, because at this point, we all speak broken English, ya know, English with German sentence structure, etc.

Germany is playing against Turkey on Wednesday in the Europe Cup. Now, may people don't know the animosity between Germany and least, as far as I know. In any case, it's definitely going to be interesting, the game. Although Turkey has played well so far in the tournament, they have really just gotten lucky in the last few moments of the games. However they did lose against Portugal, and we beat Portugal on Thursday, so I'm hoping that Germany will play well. If they play as they did on Thursday, I feel like they will really have a chance.

Anyway, so tomorrow. Meeting with Felix...this should be interesting. I feel as if no one should be allowed to say how much they want  you to come ver, when they are aware that you have certain feelings for them. It as if they are trying to make you go crazy. In this case, it's as if he wants me to want him, without any intention of anything happening. He's so damn eingebildet!!!! And for anyone who speaks hast mich total vertig gemacht, aber ich will trotzdem was von ihm!  Okay so enough of the German and english and the inbetween. Time for bed.

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01. I added you too! :D
02. Well, I mean, Bob Marley, you cannot go wrong...
03. Seriously? My mom is from Dallas.
04. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't think I've ever been this scared before.
And don't worry, I understand about the US. I mean, I love it here too, but I don't think I could live here forever, in fact, I know I couldn't live here forever. But it's so much fun while it lasts.

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